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The Right to Choose: Life or Death?

I’ve written two articles now about the right to die and the right to live. The experiences I had taking care of my mother are what inspired me. I’ve also touched on the controversy surrounding the Liverpool Care Pathway. It’s a care-withdrawal protocol used with terminally ill patients in the UK. At the moment, Canada’s [...]

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The Right to Die

As I write this, a very important decision is being made by the Supreme Court of Canada. The court is deciding if doctors should have the right to withdraw care in cases where patients are unlikely to recover. The Right to Die Movement is one that is quite active in Canada, particularly in British Columbia. [...]

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The Internet Part 1: People Lie? No Way!

I‘m posting an amusing video from Natalie Tran, the young YouTube sensation from Australia. The first 90 seconds of this video tell the story: Now apart from the humorous content, there is a real message here: a lot of people on the internet lie. In this series I’ll be looking at more subtle online deceptions [...]

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The Difficulties of Cooperation, Part 1

I recently had a falling out with someone I admire. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong. Was my ego getting in the way? Could I have done things differently? I have friends who follow 12 step programs and I’ve learned a lot from them. They say it’s our ego that causes us to [...]

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A Herd of Narcissists, Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, I wrote about the connection between shame and narcissism. In Part 2, I looked at narcissists’ belief they are special and unique. In this final section, I will be looking at their belief that they are better than others: the “others” in this case being you and I, the [...]

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