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A Herd of Narcissists, Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, I wrote about the connection between shame and narcissism. In Part 2, I looked at narcissists’ belief they are special and unique. In this final section, I will be looking at their belief that they are better than others: the “others” in this case being you and I, the [...]

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A Herd of Narcissists, Part 1

I’ve touched on the issue of shame twice now in recent articles. It’s because I believe it is a powerful tool for both good and evil. When I refer to shame as a tool I mean that the evocation of it, whether self-generated or externally prompted, often triggers one of two responses: a self-correcting mechanism [...]

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Maybe You Should Disobey: Hospitals, Shame and Vulnerability

I’ve been watching the two TED talks given by Brené Brown, the Texas professor who studies shame and vulnerability. I was drawn to her videos for some reason and now I think I know why. I’m posting her second talk, about shame, here: I’ve taught many subjects in my 20 years of teaching. I initially [...]

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