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Romancing the Riot

I’ve been posting about the Montreal student strike for a few days now. I’m doing this because I feel the need to get a more balanced view out there. It seems there is a very strong tendency, on the part of people inspired by the “We are the 99%” movement, to believe any protest is [...]

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Why I Like Alice Munro

I recently returned from a conference in Manchester. I hung out with some IT people—geeks, journalists and activists.  I had a lot of fun, visited with old friends, and on the flight back, I was lucky enough to sit next to a very charming person. In the course of our conversation, I tried to explain [...]

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Being Cool is Overrated

As a survivor of a school shooting, I’m surprised. I’m surprised no one is making the link between the student strikers and the school shooters who have left their mark on Montreal. Why isn’t this happening? I think it’s because the strikers are way too cool.  And their admirers, usually older lefties like me, are partaking [...]

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The Violence in Montreal

I’ll admit it: politically, I’m confused.  I’m setting my thoughts down so I can understand just where I land on the left/right political spectrum. So far, my head’s spinning with the effort. I saw this photo pop up on my Facebook page this morning. I was instantly irritated. The caption, “Courage is contagious,” seems at [...]

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The Student Strike

There’s been a lot of strange information floating around regarding the student strike in Montreal. I caught a clip of Judy Rebick, a feminist pundit from Toronto, saying that the mainstream media only became interested in the strike once violence was involved. The implication is that media types weren’t interested in pursuing the more subtle [...]

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